Landlord Representation

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Our expertise in real estate includes our specialty in Landlord representation. Our brokerage firm's team is highly qualified in transaction and market analysis, providing knowledge and service to our clients with retail shopping centers, land, investment properties, multi-unit residential and mixed use projects.

At Hot Spot Properties, we develop and implement a coordinated strategic plan for each one of our clients and investors with their existing portfolio, real estate investment search or project development. Our industry knowledge plays a key role when it comes to analyzing sales activity and market research, property positioning, market strategy, identifying prospects and negotiations.

We accomplish all of this with our profound ability to evaluate and identify key tenants for the property, exposure to brokers, tenant qualification, leasing transactions through negotiations and execution, and post leasing services. In addition, we provide a complete analysis on current market conditions and future market trends through property positioning and pricing, building improvement suggestions through proposed development and new trends in design. We also implement leasing programs in collaboration with our clients to lease and position their properties more effectively thus adding value to the property or investment.

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